As a wife, a mother, a business professional, and community volunteer, Kari wears many hats. Her ability to multi-task, teach herself new skills, and produce results at home and at work make her an excellent candidate for Alabama's Public Service Commission.


Kari grew up in the Midwest, attending Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. She went on to work in Corporate Marketing for real estate companies in Ohio and Illinois. She met her husband, Austin, in Illinois where he was completing a residency in Pediatric Dentistry, and they decided to move to his home state of Alabama to begin their lives together. With its beautiful, rich landscape and warm, welcoming people, Alabama quickly felt like home. She and Austin and their three children reside in Homewood, Alabama.


In 2012, Kari transitioned from the corporate world into small business to help launch her husband's dental practice. She designed his branding and the office space, and managed the business side of the practice. Kari is a freelance graphic designer, is active in local social justice initiatives, and volunteers with developmentally delayed children at the Bell Center for Early Intervention Programs. She is a member of Saint Junia United Methodist Church.

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